How Does Bid My Trade in Work?

Show them what you have: Describe the car you’d like the auto dealers to bid on.
Tell them what you want: Pick out the type of car you’d like to drive.
Sit back and watch: Bidding starts as the auto dealers start competing for your car.
Check in anytime: Sign in, request text, set up E-Mail alerts.
Bidding ends: 5:00 pm the following day, the competition for your car ends.
Are they good enough?
The 3 highest bids are listed for your consideration.
The choice is yours, you have nothing to lose.
ONLY the top bidder gets connected to you.
See a bid you like?
Pick a dealer by accepting an invitation to set up a personalized appointment.
Call or E-Mail any of them directly if you prefer.
Print up your winning bid certificate and bring it with you.

Pick out your new car.
Show the dealer your winning bid certificate.
No obligation, No requirements, No need to feel pressured.
It’s all up to you.
If you find what you like, make the deal, present your tradein offer certificate and drive away happy.
Brag: Tell all your friends about how much you got for your trade in.